Romanian President vetoes nomination of first Muslim Prime Minister

The nomination of Romania’s first ever Muslim prime minister has been blocked by President Klaus Iohannis.

Iohannis declined to explain the reasons behind his rejection. He did, however, mention he had “carefully weighed the arguments for and against” Sevil Shhaideh’s appointment and decided not to accept the nomination.

President Klaus urged the social democrats to bring forward another candidate to lead the government.

Social Democratic Party (PSD) President Liviu Dragnea had nominated Ms Shhaideh, who is also a member of Romania’s Muslim Tartar minority.

Mr Dragnea stated he will counter Iohannis’s choice to block his nomination of Romanian’s first Muslim Prime Minister.

“If Iohannis rejects our proposal, I’m not going to make a second one. We’ll see each other in some other place,” Dragnea said.

He also threatened to begin the process of impeaching President Iohannis from office.

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“It seems the president clearly wants to be suspended,” Dragnea said.

Despite pressure from the Social Democratic Party and other lawmakers, Iohannis refused to compromise his decision and stated that a new prime minister would be appointed after Christmas.

The PSD nominated Shhaideh after winning elections on December 11, by 45 percent of the vote for both houses of parliament.

According to the Romanian constitution, the President of the PSD must nominate another candidate for Prime Minister. However, if the second candidate is rejected by the President, a second parliamentary election could ensue.

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