VIDEO: Man racially abuses three Muslim women in Hull city centre

Video footage has emerged of a drunk man who allegedly called three Muslim women “f**king P*kis” in Hull city centre. The man who appears to be drunk is accompanied by his wife who tries to defuse the situation.

One of the victims wrote on Facebook: “Me and my two sisters were walking with my nine-year-old nephew yesterday in Hull city centre at around 3.30pm when a drunken man gave us a dirty look and called us a f*cking P*kis in front of every one!

“None of the bystanders did anything. This guy was pushing us and coming at us to hit us! His wife apologised and tried to stop this. First a security guard stayed back and watched and then later another came trying to calm the man but failed escort him out! This happened for around three minutes before we started filming.”

This video was first published by DOAM.

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