ISIS releases video of Turkish soldiers being burned alive

ISIS has released a horrific video showing two Turkish soldiers being burned alive.

The 19 minute video begins with a denunciation of President Recep Tayyib Erdogan’s Turkey as a “secular,” “apostate” state. It then shows battle scenes where Turkish military targets are hit in northern Syria, before showing the burning alive of two captured Turkish soldiers in graphic detail.

The video comes a day after 16 Turkish soldiers were killed by ISIS fighters in Ankara’s biggest loss so far since it entered northern Syria, mainly to fight Kurdish factions, a few months ago. They were killed around the Syrian town of al Bab on Wednesday.

Turkish troops entered Syria on August 24 in support of pro-Ankara Syrian rebels, with the aim of ousting Kurdish factions as well as ISIS from the border area. President Erdogan has vowed no let up in the campaign.

Meanwhile, Turkey has been hit by several attacks on its own soil, which it blames on Kurdish factions or ISIS.

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