Amazon removes “Allah” dog mat from sale after complaints

The online retailer Amazon has removed a doormat and dog mat with the Allah symbol on it from sale after receiving complaints from customers.

A seller called “Dargon One” described the item as suitable for “Indoor Outdoor Bathroom Kitchen Doormat and Pets.”

The listing immediately sparked hundreds of complaints. One customer said: “Whilst there is a place for freedom of speech and expression in all societies, to manufacture and produce products of the type to which I refer below is an outright incitement to hatred based on religion.

“The mats above are derogatory to Islam and an insult to all Muslims and I am surprised that Amazon has either failed to vet the sellers of these Products or even worse, and I sincerely hope this is not the position, decided to turn a blind eye to what is blatantly an attempt to vilify the religion of Islam and allow sellers to utilise Amazon as a forum to spread religious hate.”

However, Amazon quickly apologised and removed the item from sale.

In a message to a customer it said: “We completely understand the importance and respect your faith in God and religious values. We never intend to hurt anyone’s religious beliefs… It’s not that we support this kind of insult of God at any cost … Amazon wants our customers to experience positive support and feedback.”

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