Muslim family in London “living in fear” after car was destroyed in “racist” attack

Mr Ahmed's BMW convertible [Source: London Evening Standard]

A Muslim father from north west London has claimed that the police are doing very little to help after his car was destroyed in a “racist attack”, the London Evening Standard reports.

Bilall Ahmed, 32, said his family have been subjected racially-motivated abuse at their home in Willesden for more than ten years.

Used sanitary pads and cat excrement have been thrown at their doorstep, while his three children are “petrified” after receiving verbal abuse.

Mr Ahmed, a customer service manager, told the London Evening Standard: “We have had to deal with verbal abuse and racist attacks on our house and cars for 13 years but I feel the police do not take it seriously.

“I’ve reported it six times now but unfortunately there’s nothing else I can do. I don’t want to take the law into my own hands.

“The car has been completely destroyed. The roof was cut up with a knife, the windows smashed and the words ‘Pakistani w*****’ and ‘c***’ were etched into it.

“But it’s not new. We know who is doing this and we know other black and Muslim people in the area have suffered similar abuse.”

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Mr Ahmed’s BMW convertible has now been written off as the repair costs were priced in the excess of £10,000.

Another car in Willesden was vandalised in a similar way two days earlier and police have linked the two incidents in their investigation.

A Metropolitan police spokesman said: “Officers from Brent Community Safety Unit are investigating an allegation of criminal damage to a car, whereby a racist comment was scratched into the bonnet and extensive damage was caused to all panels and the roof.

“The investigation is in its early stages at this time and the victim is being informed of any progress. Police are also investigating criminal damage to a second nearby vehicle.

“Brent Police take all allegations of racially motivated crime seriously and will investigate robustly. In addition, the local Safer Neighbourhoods Team will be conducting reassurance patrols in the area.”

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