PIA flight diverted to Manchester after passengers block all toilets

A Pakistan International Airlines plane was forced to divert to Manchester after passengers blocked up all the toilets on board.

According to the Manchester Evening News, the PIA flight had been en route from Toronto to Pakistan on Saturday when the entire lavatory system “choked” somewhere over the North Sea.

The Boeing 777 – which tends to have eight or nine toilets – ended up having to make an unscheduled stop at Manchester Airport for the “convenience” of passengers.

PIA spokesman Danyal Gilani said something had been thrown down one of the toilets and blocked it, which then clogged up the whole system.

As all toilets were connected with a common drain line, the rest of the toilets were also choked.

This was certainly a first of its kind, but it meant all onboard passengers couldn’t use the lavatory and the plane had to be redirected. Thankfully, emergency plumbers are common so the plane could have had an Emergency Plumber Perth, New York, or pretty much at any airport they landed at. When landed, there was a handful of professionals waiting at the airport to resolve the issue.

A PIA statement added that passengers need to “strictly adhere to and read carefully” the warning signs in toilets.

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It’s understood the plane was diverted for a total of five hours while the pipes were unclogged. The plane then resumed it’s journey across the world and passengers were able to reach their final destination.

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