Jihadi groups celebrate Donald Trump win as end of American imperialism

A number of jihadi groups in the Muslim world celebrated Donald Trump’s landslide presidential victory last week, mocking it as the beginning of the end of American imperialism.

According to SITE Intelligence Group, a US-based counter-terrorism organisation monitoring global terrorism, groups such as ISIS, Al Qaeda and the Taliban all mocked the Trump presidency.

“Trump’s win of the American presidency will bring hostility of Muslims against America as a result of his reckless actions, which show the overt and hidden hatred against them,” said al-Minbar Jihadi Media, a network promoting ISIS.

The group added: “Find glad tidings in the imminent demise of America at the hands of Trump.”

Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi
Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi

Hamza al-Karibi, a spokesperson for the former Al-Qaeda affiliated Syrian group Jabhat Fatah al-Sham tweeted: “Trump’s victory is a hard slap to those promoting the efficiency of democratic systems.”

“Starting today, we won’t need media releases clarifying the West’s machinations. All we need to do is retweet what Trump says,” al-Karibi added.

Prominent Jordanian jihadi cleric, Shaykh Muhammad al-Maqdisi, who has more than 60,000 followers on Twitter posted, “may be the beginning of America’s fragmentation and the ear of its breakup” and “reveals the true mentality of the Americans, and their racism toward Muslims and Arabs and everything.”

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Trump made defeating the ISIS a key part of his campaign, belittling former President Barack Obama for being unwilling to use the term “Islamic Terrorism.”

He touted that his military generals will be given a month after he moves into the Oval Office to come up with a plan to achieve the goal.

Trump also said that he will stop Muslim immigrants from coming into the country if they come from countries known to harbour terrorists.



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