Tommy Robinson pictured holding gun on top of Israeli tank

Tommy Robinson

The far-right extremist Tommy Robinson has been pictured holding a gun atop an Israeli tank.

The former leader of the English Defence League (EDL) posted the photo on Wednesday from the Golan Heights, an area of Syria occupied by Israel since 1967.

He added the caption: “All those people telling me to be careful in Israel, I think I’ll be okay.”

Robinson, who is one of the UK’s most infamous Islamophobes, has been on a tour of the Zionist entity since landing on Tuesday, posting photos and videos of his exploits to Twitter.

One picture shows him in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian West Bank posing next to a sign which forbids Israelis from entering a Palestinian area.

In one video filmed in an Israeli settlement built on Palestinian territory, Robinson says: “I’m here because I want to understand the difference. People say there can be no peace because of these settlements. Well I’m walking round this settlement now and we found the pub.” He adds: “I’m having a great time – it’s very eye-opening.”

In 2015 Robinson became involved in the UK branch of Pegida, a German-based organisation opposed to the “Islamisation of our countries.”

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At the launch he said: “I’m not far-right… I’m just opposed to Islam. I believe it’s backward and it’s fascist. The current refugee crisis is nothing to do with refugees… It’s a Muslim invasion of Europe.”

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