Olympic gymnast Louis Smith films himself mocking Islam

A video has emerged of Olympic gymnast Louis Smith mocking Islam with a friend who was drunkenly pretending to pray.

The footage, released by The Sun, shows Smith with fellow gymnast Luke Carson yelling “Allahu Akbar.”

The video was apparently shot by Smith during a friend’s hotel wedding. Smith is shown giggling and holding a drink as Carson takes a hanging rug off the wall.

He then says “Six o’clock prayers” as the friend repeatedly says “Allahu Akbar”.

Carson then kneels on the rug, bowing in mock worship before the pair yell somethimg indecipherable.

At that point an elderly female wedding guest enters the frame and sits down next to the friend.

She puts her hand on his shoulder and says: “Actually, you are taking the p***, actually.”

But Smith retorts: “No, no he’s not, he’s doing his six o’clock prayers.”

Slurring Carson yells out, “The Prophet Muhammad,” before Smith says: “Sixty virgins.”

It continues as the woman says: “You are not funny.”

Smith insists: “Yes it is.”

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