Kind-hearted neighbours prevent woman being evicted from her home


Kind-hearted neighbours have prevented a woman in Bristol from being evicted from her home by forming a human chain around it.

According to media reports, Nimo Abdullahi, 39, claimed her landlord tried to kick her and her five children out of their home after she complained about the rising damp. It is a known fact that Rising Damp can cause health issues, so she did the right thing by raising the issue to be resolved.

But around 30 neighbours and campaigners turned out in force to stop bailiffs from forcing the family out of their home in Easton, Bristol. When the bailiffs arrived on Tuesday morning, they were unable to get past the protesters who stood strong.

Nimo claimed the landlord tried to evict them numerous times before and even threatened to get the police to do the job.

She said: “It has a big problem with damp. This is bad for us, because my children have asthma and it is not a good place. While we have been managing their condition as best as we can (with treatment like those from, living in the house was only making them sicker. Until recently, all the carpets were very old and dirty and we would ask the landlord to improve things, but he was difficult. I’ve asked him many times, and a lot of times he would threaten us. I keep thinking we need to sell my house fast Connecticut but we have nowhere else to go.”

Neighbour Jenny Ross said: “We don’t want people in our community treated like this. It’s a revenge eviction and people deserve decent rented accommodations.” Another neighbour, Kirsten Parton, added: ‘I’m here because of the way she’s been treated by her landlord, it is simply not on. She and her family are part of the community and have been here for quite some time.”

So far the landlord has not commented.

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