Bradford woman was allegedly raped before being strangled to death in Pakistan

Samia Shahid

The Pakistani chief investigator in the murder of Samia Shahid has told the BBC she was raped before being strangled to death with a scarf.

Ms Shahid’s former husband has confessed to murdering her, and her father is being held as an accessory to the murder.

Both men have been remanded until 5 September.

Samia Shahid, a 28-year-old beauty therapist from Bradford died in the northern Punjab region of Pakistan where she travelled to see her father whom she was told was ill.

Her family initially said she had died of a heart attack but a post-mortem examination confirmed she’d been strangled.

The Pakistani chief inspector also wants Ms Shahid’s mother and sister to be returned to Pakistan so their role in the murder can be questioned.

It is alleged Ms Shahid’s family wanted to kill her because she divorced her first husband whom she was pressured into marrying and then later married a second man.

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In another development in the case, the Pakistani policeman who first investigated Ms Shahid’s killing has been arrested on suspicion of suppressing evidence and allowing key suspects to flee the country.

Aqeel Abbas has been detained on “hard evidence of obstructing justice”.

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