Arsenal FC may build a mosque near Emirates Stadium

Emirates Stadium

Rumours are circulating that Arsenal Football Club have given the green light to build a mosque near the Emirates Stadium after a request was allegedly made by Muslim players.

The news was reported on the Arsenal Viral blog site but no official statement has been issued by the north London club confirming this. 

Unverified rumours have claimed that the mosque will be near or right outside the Emirates Stadium, or at the club’s training grounds in London Colney.

If the rumours are true, this will allow Arsenal’s Muslim players to pray at an official allocated place of worship. 

However, sources close to the football team have said, “It’s been considered and discussed”.

But at the moment there is no official agreement as to when Arsenal will build this mosque.

If plans go ahead, Arsenal will be the first British football club to build a mosque to accommodate its player’s religious beliefs.

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