iERA launches global dawah campaign in every country of the world

The Islamic Education and Research Academy have launched a global dawah campaign in conjunction with the Olympic games in Brazil, which will involve nearly every country in the world. 

On Saturday 20 August 2016, iERA will be holding the biggest international campaign in Islamic history.

iERA volunteer teams in almost every single country of the world – that is over 180 countries – will take to the streets in their respective countries to convey the message of Islam to wider society.

People from every corner of the world will be invited to Islam, as well as having the opportunity to find out more about the fastest growing religion in the world.

The “World Dawah Mission” is taking place in conjunction with the Rio Olympics, and is a continuation of last year’s “Global Messenger Day” campaign, which took place in 55 countries.

This year, iERA said they wanted to surpass their own expectations by doing what no other Muslim organisation or movement has done before:

iERA’s Head of Education, Hamza Tzortzis, told 5Pillars: “At a time where there is huge misconceptions about Islam and Muslims, we have taken the initiative to convey the rational and compassionate message of our beautiful religion to humanity.

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“We have a huge task at hand. Any faith group, let alone Muslim groups have never done delivering a campaign of this size.

“On one day, in every single country of the world, Muslims will be peacefully inviting and educating wider society about the compassionate message of Islam. It is time to spread compassion all all round the world.”

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