Cancer patient called “f***ing Muslim” in racist outburst for covering head

Sandsfoot Beach, Weymouth

A non-Muslim cancer patient wearing a headscarf was shaken after she was verbally abused on a visit to Weymouth, the Dorset Echo reports.

Eve Spence, who is being treated for skin cancer, was wearing a headscarf to protect her from the sun when she said a passing motorist called her a “f***ing” Muslim”.

The 65-year-old retired teacher said she was shocked by the outburst.

The incident occurred in Tuesday afternoon in Old Castle Road as Mrs Spence walked back from Sandsfoot Beach.

Eve Spence [Photo: Dorset Echo]
Eve Spence [Photo: Dorset Echo]
A white middle-aged man, who had older children in the car, was driving towards the beach when he shouted out of the window, Mrs Spence said.

Mrs Spence told the Dorset Echo: “I have had malignant melanomas removed so I have to be very careful in the sun.

“I was walking back from the beach and it was really hot. I had my scarf on my head and my cap on.

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“A car went by and a man said these words which I was completely shocked by. I turned round and realised it had been directed at me.

“I was in shock. I suppose I should’ve confronted him but I walked on stunned by what had happened.

“I love Weymouth and nothing like this has happened to me before.”


She added: “It made me think, how would I have felt if I was a Muslim? There are people who are having to suffer this kind of abuse everyday.”

Mrs Spence said she did not report the incident.


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