Suspect arrested after 72-year-old man attacked in Whitechapel

The victim was attacked as he left the mosque after Ish prayers [Photo: Facebook]

A man has been arrested for attacking a 72-year-old on his way home after leaving Isha prayers at East London Mosque in Whitechapel.

In an unprovoked attack on Monday night, the elderly man who is a regular worshipper at the mosque was attacked from behind and then kicked whilst lying on the floor.

The victim’s son who works in Tower Hamlets said: “My dad was lucky as he is a fit 72 year old, anyone else… we could today be writing about a murder case”. The son added “My dad is much better now… he has few stitches and bruises but no major injuries.”

The victim’s son had confirmed that an Asian male was arrested and that the suspect is said to have mental health issues.

The suspect was charged with Actual Bodily Harm and attended court for sentencing on Thursday 12th May.



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