Survey: US Muslims support Democrats and Hillary Clinton

A new survey by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding think tank has found that American Muslims are very likely to vote Democrat and support Hillary Clinton in the upcoming presidential election.

In January the ISPU surveyed Muslims, Jews, Protestants, and Catholics to examine their attitudes on various issues, including politics, religion, violence, and identity.

The recently published report found that:

1. Muslims strongly prefer Democrats.

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are a lot more popular with Muslims than are any Republican candidates. Clinton received 40 percent support from Muslims and Sanders 27 percent.

However, four percent of Muslims say they support Islamophobic candidate Donald Trump!

2. Muslims who attend mosque are much more active in local communities and politics.

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The survey found no correlation between frequent mosque attendance and support for violence against civilians. However, frequent mosque attendance is correlated with higher levels of civic engagement. Muslims who say they regularly attend a mosque are more likely to work with their neighbours to solve community problems, be registered to vote, and to plan to vote.

3. Protestants are more likely than Muslims to think their religion should be the main source of law in America

One of the most common accusations about Muslims from Islamophobes is that they want to institute Sharia, or Islamic law, in America.

But the overwhelming majority of American Muslims do not think Islam should be the main source of US law.

4. Islamophobia is being experienced widely.

Almost two in three Muslims — 60 percent — reported facing some level of discrimination in the past year because of their religion, with 18 percent reporting regular discrimination and 26 percent reporting occasional discrimination.

The vast majority of Protestants (84 percent) and Catholics (83 percent) reported never having experienced such discrimination.

5. Yet Muslims are the religious group most satisfied with the way things are going in the country.

Despite reportedly experiencing more discrimination than any of the other faith groups, a majority of Muslims (68 percent) say they are satisfied with the way the country is going, compared with only 38 percent of Jews and 18 percent of both Catholics and Protestants.

The survey also found a staggering 78 percent approval rating, among Muslims, for President Obama — much higher than his national approval rating of about 50 percent.

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