Met Police rules out prosecuting Lutfur Rahman on electoral fraud allegations

Former Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Luftur Rahman

Scotland Yard has ruled out prosecuting the former mayor of Tower Hamlets over a series of allegations of electoral fraud.

The announcement comes nearly a year after former mayor Lutfur Rahman was removed from office, after a High Court judge ruled he was fraudulently elected.

London Met had launched an investigation into allegations contained in a 200-page report, which was published by the High Court after the hearing last April.

On Wednesday, police said that no prosecution will be mounted as a result of the claims in the report.

In a statement, Scotland Yard said: “After full consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service a decision has been made that there is insufficient evidence that criminal offences had been committed.”

The Met said specialist detectives had studied the report and identified five new allegations, but none of them will lead to criminal charges.

It also stated that the High Court hearing was a civil process and that “the rules regarding admissibility of evidence and liability were different to those applied for any criminal prosecution”.

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An earlier police investigation, conducted before the High Court hearing, did lead to two people receiving cautions and another being charged with an electoral fraud offence.

Scotland Yard added: “The Metropolitan Police Service takes any allegations of electoral fraud or malpractice very seriously.

“We will continue to work closely with the Electoral Commission, and local authorities, to ensure we play our part to protect the integrity of the electoral process in London.”

A spokesman for Tower Hamlets council told the London Evening Standard: “We have put in place tough and detailed measures to combat fraud, and our response to allegations of fraud has been independently recognised as both comprehensive and rapid.

“We are pleased that the review recognises our hard work and progress and the subsequent reduction in public concern around elections in the borough.”

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