Normative Islam Report media coverage

Whilst the mainstream British press had surprisingly failed to cover the findings of the Normative Islam Report, popular alternative and international media outlets, as well as independent bloggers did. Here’s what they said…

Huffington Post – ‘The Need to Define Normative Islam’

International Business Times – ‘Does ISIS represent Islam? Influential British Muslims say no’

IlmFeed – ‘This is What British Muslims really believe’

Islam21c – ‘What do influential British Muslims believe?’

Russia Today – ‘94% of influential British Muslims say ISIS is illegitimate’

Press TV – ‘Religious consensus exists among British Muslim leaders’

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Middle East Eye – ‘Normative Islam has always existed and will continue to do so’

Q4T Official – ‘Normative Islam Report findings’

Coolness of Hind – ‘Islam is not the problem, neoconservatism is ’

Christian Today – ‘Overwhelming majority of influential British Muslims say ISIS if illegitimate’

Huffington Post (Dr Siema Iqbal) – ‘Do Muslims Ever Agree on Anything?’

Islam Channel – The Report show

Pakistan Today – Nearly all influential British Muslims reject ISIS’

Middle East Monitor – ‘UK survey on British Muslims cites Palestine as a major issue’

Islamic Human Rights Commission – ‘Defining “Normative Islam”‘

Morocco World News – Report on British Muslims Reveals Universal Condemnation of Radicalism

Huffington Post (Lauren Booth) – Muslim Hiker or Another Fighter?

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