Australian company “Typo” recalls globes that named Palestine but not Israel

An Australian stationery company has come under fire after it released and then recalled a globe which named Palestine as a country but referenced Israel as a number.

The map put out by the company Typo had “Palestine” written across the holy land while Israel was represented by a number corresponding to a key on the bottom of the globe.

The group’s Facebook page, usually dedicated to colourful products, immediately became a battleground for debate about anti-Semitism and Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian territories.

Angry Zionist trolls came out in their droves when the globes went on sale and threatened to boycott the company.

Typo initially defended their globes as being based on a “historic design”. But as the complaints piled up, the company announced it was recalling the globes.

“We never intended to offend anyone with this product and as a result we have decided to remove them from sale and halt all future production until our supplier can provide artwork that eliminates the need for a key entirely,” the company said.

Pro-Palestinian Facebook users then criticised the company for recalling the globes.

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“You have the audacity to say ‘peace’ while supporting the message of a government defined by the majority of others as war criminals whose very naming of the land was only possible due to the genocide and removal of natives?” wrote one user.

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