Muslim grandfather converts bus into a mobile kitchen to feed refugees in Europe

Ghafoor Hussain (right) and volunteer Bamo Ghafari (left) [Photo: Metro]

A Muslim grandfather from the UK has embarked on a mission to feed up to 15,000 refugees per day after converting a bus into a mobile kitchen.

Ghafoor Hussain, from Stockton-on-Tees, spent thousands of pounds to buy and transform the single-decker bus into a moving canteen to help people who have fled their countries in hope of a better life in Europe.

More than half a million people have entered Europe this year – the majority by sea, but a large number have also come in across the Balkans.

Mr Hussain plans to take his meals on wheels to Serbia and Macedonia, where he will be joined by a a team of volunteers, including local doctors.

The 45-year-old began his journey last week – one that will take him away from his family for at least three weeks.

Mr Hussain said: “About four weeks ago I took a van full of food to the refugees in Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. While I was there I discovered that the people were mostly only getting cold meals.”

He added: “I thought there must be something we can do and that’s when I came up with the idea to buy a bus and convert it into a travelling kitchen.”

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