Over 2,400 pilgrims died in hajj stampede, according to new count

The Associated Press is reporting that at least 2,411 pilgrims were killed in the hajj stampede in Mina in September – triple the number that Saudi Arabia has acknowledged.

AP is basing the number on state media reports and officials’ comments from 36 countries that sent citizens to the hajj. AP says that hundreds of pilgrims remain missing.

Even though Saudi promised a quick and thorough investigation following the international outcry over the incident, state media has not mentioned the investigation into the disaster for nearly two months.

Authorities said the crush and stampede occurred when two waves of pilgrims converged on a narrow road, suffocating or trampling to death those caught in the disaster.

Saudi Arabia has spent billions of dollars on crowd control and safety measures for those attending the pilgrimage.

Iran was most affected by the disaster, with 464 Iranian pilgrims killed. Mali said it lost 305 people, while Nigeria lost 274 and 190 pilgrims from Egypt were killed.

Iran has accused the Saudi authorities of gross mismanagement and has said the deaths were entirely preventable.

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