Queen Mary University Islamic Society suspended

Queen Mary University

Queen Mary University’s Islamic Society has been suspended following allegations that it breached “agreed protocols and procedures.”

The ISOC confirmed the suspension in a Facebook post last week.

It read: “It has come to our attention that there is much confusion regarding the current situation of the ISOC. We have also noticed many people speaking on behalf of the ISOC and at times saying things which are incorrect.
We hope this will clear some of the hysteria.

“It is with a heavy heart and deep sorrow that we regret to inform you that the Queen Mary Islamic Society has been temporarily suspended. This suspension comes as a result of allegations many of which we are still unclear about. We are working with the SU to gain better clarity on these issues in hopes of putting this matter to rest.

“The ISOC is currently appealing this decision and can hopefully resolve any issues to allow the great work to continue InshaaAllah! We ask the brothers and sisters to keep us in their prayers! We ask Allah to forgive our shortcomings and to hasten the return of our ISoc, Ameen ya Rabb!”

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the university told the Daily Mail: “Queen Mary University of London students’ union has suspended the Islamic society while it investigates claims that ISOC breached agreed protocols and procedures.

“These include the use of university facilities, room bookings, and event promotion. Further information will be available following the conclusion of the investigation.”

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And Carolina Mantzalos, the student union president, added: “The students’ union is currently looking into claims that ISOC has broken some of the rules associated with running a Students’ Union society. The Students’ Union is keen to resolve this investigation quickly to ensure that ISoc are able to resume their activities for their members.”

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