“Islamophobe” Raheem Kassam “reported to police for fraud”

Raheem Kassam

A former winner of the “Islamophobe of the Year” award has been reported to the police under the Fraud Act, according to a media report. 

An article on the right-wing Commentator wesbite says that Raheem Kassam stands accused of “multiple counts of fraud, as well as theft, blackmail and extortion. Tens of thousands of pounds are reported to be involved.”

Kassam was UKIP’s chief-of-staff during the election campaign and also used to work at the Commentator. He made his name with the “Student Rights” organisation which lobbied British universities to keep “extremist preachers” off campus.

He has been described as a “neo-conservative” and is a self-confessed admirer of Israel and Margaret Thatcher and a harsh critic of Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah and “Muslim extremists.”

Kassam has left UKIP
Kassam has left UKIP

According to the Commentator article, Kassam has left UKIP following a dispute with colleagues.

He is also accused of “false and malicious accusations of harassment against his alleged victim.”

The article reads: “Interpol may be involved, given that Kassam’s alleged offences took place in more than one jurisdiction. Cross-border tax crime regarding a UK law firm is also under consideration.

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“The force of Kassam’s activity has pushed victims to contemplate suicide. This, in conjunction with a corrupt law-firm’s behaviour, has been reported to the UK authorities, according to evidence seen by The Commentator.”

Kassam has issued a statement saying: “I was GE2015 staff. My contract has always expired at the end of the month and I am on holiday until then. I continue to support the party under the leadership of Nigel Farage.”

He is now thought to be in a foreign country “on holiday.”

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