Muslim cabbie hands in customer’s bag containing £10k cash

Walsall taxi driver Mohammed Nisar (Express & Star)

A Muslim cabbie from Walsall has been praised after handing in a customer’s bag which contained £10,000 cash.

Mohammed Nisar picked up one of his regular customers from Hereford at Walsall train station and drove him to his normal destination of British Car Auctions in Green Lane.

However, soon afterwards, a call came in from the council saying that something important had been left behind.

Thinking nothing of it and without looking inside, father-of-three Mohammed simply reached for the shoulder bag and placed it on the front passenger seat.

The flustered passenger returned to the taxi office in another cab less than half an hour later that he realised something was not right.

“He nearly had a heart attack, he was really worried,” said Mr Nisar, aged 55 from Hatherton. “He came up to me and said ‘do you realise what is in that bag?’.

“He was very, very thankful. He had just bought a car but forgot the money.”

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It is not the first time self-employed Mr Nisar, who has been a cabbie for 15, has found things in the back of his car.

Mobile phones regularly slip out of pockets, while purses are also frequently left behind. Only two years ago one passenger left a wallet containing £150 in, but Mr Nasir drove straight back to the man’s home in Darlaston and returned it.

Mr Nisar urges his fellow taxi drivers to do the same if they find themselves in the same situation.

He said: “At the end of the day honesty is the best policy. There are some drivers who don’t return things but what is the point.

“If the council had not have called me and no-one had have claimed it after 12 or 24 hours I would have taken that bag straight to the police station. It is better me going to them rather than them coming to visit you.

“Mobile phones are the most common thing left behind but most of them now can be traced anyway.

“My message is to encourage all my taxi driving brothers that if they find something valuable just give it back.”


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