Saudi charity paid £52k blood money for release of Bangladeshi prisoner

Akbar was released earlier this week after a charity group in Saudi Arabia paid Dh300,000 compensation to the victim’s relatives. (Sada)

A Bangladeshi man has been released from a Saudi prison, after a charity paid more than £50k compensation to his victim’s family because of his outstanding behaviour. 

Mohammed Ali Akbar, 50, had been sentenced to prison for involvement in a road accident that resulted in the death of another man.

Akbar sold his farm in Bangladesh, and left his wife and three children to fulfill his dream of working as a taxi driver in the holy city of Makkah.

While in prison, he was reputed for his good behaviour and piety, and managed to persuade many inmates to pray before he became the muazzen.

“Akbar was released this week after a charity group in Saudi Arabia paid SR300,000 (£51,900) diya (blood money/compensation) for the victim’s relatives,” Sada newspaper reported.

Upon his release, he was given a good farewell by the prison guard, but the most touching one was by the prison’s head of the religious affairs, Captain Fahd Al Otaibi, who hugged Akbar and kissed his head.

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