Michael Gove and Katie Hopkins among candidates for Islamophobe of the Year

Former Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove

The Islamic Human Rights Commission has announced the nominees for the Islamophobia Awards 2015.

Centred around a gala dinner, the event aims to subvert Islamophobia through comedy while simultaneously addressing a serious and significant issue in a creative manner.

Winners will be highlighted during the spoof awards ceremony which will be taking place on Saturday March 7 at the Holiday Inn in Wembley.

This year the awards have been split into four separate categories: UK, International, News Media and Film/Book/TV Series.

Nominees were submitted by the general public who had the chance to write in whomever they felt had displayed prominent cases of Islamophobia.

Katie Hopkins regularly abuses Muslims on Twitter
Katie Hopkins regularly abuses Muslims on Twitter

The “UK” category sees the likes of David Cameron, Michael Gove and Theresa May as well as the UK government as a whole. Likely contributing factors for each nomination include Gove’s handling of Operation Trojan Horse and May’s enhanced counter-terrorism measures.

The “International” category is not limited in terms of scope; seeing nominees from the USA, France, Germany and Australia. From high-ranking figures such as Angela Merkel to Mayor Marcel Mortreau in France who decided that Muslim pupils at a local school would not be given an alternative meal to pork.

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“News Media” features both individuals and institutions: FOX News and The Sun received nominations as did columnist Katie Hopkins who famously referred to Palestinians as “filthy rodents burrowing beneath Israel.”

A host of films received nominations with popular television series Homeland and Citizen Khan also obtaining honours.

General public can vote for who wins here: https://ihrc.org.uk/events/11229-islamophobia-awards-2015-vote-now

The evening will also include a performance from acclaimed comedian Aamer Rahman who was named as one of The Guardian’s top 10 comedy shows of 2014. He has performed at the Sydney Opera House and was one of the recipients of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Best Newcomer Award.



David Cameron

Richard Dawkins

Michael Gove

Theresa May

Maajid Nawaz

Eric Pickles

Tommy Robinson

William Shawcross

Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon

Birkbeck University

Metropolitan Police

UK Government



Tonny Abbott

Pat Dollard

Steven Emerson

Bobby Jindal

Marine Le Pen

Bill Maher

Angela Merkel

Marcel Mortreau

Rupert Murdoch

Benjamin Netanyahu

Barack Obama

Walid Shoebat


Charlie Hebdo


Andrew Bolt

Nick Ferrari

Andrew Gilligan

Sam Harris

Katie Hopkins

Douglas Murray

Melanie Phillips

Paul Sheehan

John Ware

Eric Zemmour

FOX News

The Sun


300: Rise of Empire – Film

American Sniper – Film

Amira & Sam – Film

Dracula Untold – Film

Exodus: Gods and Kings – Film

Honor Diaries – Film

Oppressed Majority – Film

RoboCop (2014) – Film

Citizen Khan – TV series

Homeland – TV series

Arab Winter Comes to America: The Truth About the War We’re In by Robert Spencer – Book

Soumission by Michel Houellebecq – Book

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