Roads to be closed in Bolton as thousands expected for Mawlid procession

Marchers at last year's Mawlid procession strating from Makkah Mosque in Great Lever

Thousands of Muslims are expected to mark the birth-date of Prophet Muhammad (saw) with a processional march this Sunday.

Around 4,000 people will take part in the walk, the 20th time it has been held in Bolton, between Makkah Mosque and Ghosia Mosque.

The procession will start from Makkah Mosque in Grecian Crescent, Great Lever, at 12.30pm.

The walk will continue for about an hour before arriving at the mosque in Auburn Street, Daubhill, where there will be speakers and prayers.

The celebratory walk will mean road closures along Grecian Crescent, Rishton Lane, Settle Street, Higher Swan Lane, Bridgeman Street, High Street, Adelaide Street and Auburn Street until 3pm at the latest, organisers say.

It is believed that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) was born on the 12th day of Rabi al-awwal, which falls on Saturday 3rd of January.

Similar kinds of marches will be held across the UK and around the world.

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However, not all Muslims acknowledge the birth-date of Muhammad (saw), which is known as “Mawlid” as it was never celebrated by the Prophet (saw) or his companions (ra).

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