Muslim cemetery in Wales desecrated

A swastika was daubed on one of the graves

Muslim graves at a cemetery in Newport, South Wales, have been desecrated with racist graffiti.

According to the South Wales Argus newspaper vandals used white paint to write “Lee Rigby murder,” and “white power” and drew swastikas on four gravestones at Christchurch Cemetery.

They also wrote the initials of the British National Party (BNP), the UK Independence Party (UKIP) and the National Front (NF).

The newspaper reported that people visiting nearby graves spoke of their disgust and shock at seeing the painted messages. There has also been wide condemnation of the desecration in the local community and on social media.

Local residents have been reported as saying that Islamophobia has “gone too far” and that this act was “un-Christian” and “un-British.”

Ever since the murder of a British soldier in May by men claiming to be acting in the name of Islam there has been a backlash against British Muslims.

Mosques and madrassas have been firebombed, Muslim women have been abused and social media has been bombarded with Islamophobic hate speech.

We have provided a link to the full story on the South Wales Argus below.

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