Man admits killing and sexually abusing four-year-old refugee boy in Berlin

A German man has admitted to kidnapping, sexually abusing and murdering a four-year-old refugee boy. The 32-year-old suspect, who has not been named, confessed to...

German school tells girls to respect Syrian refugees and dress modestly

A school in Bavaria, Germany, has sent a letter to parents, asking them to ensure their daughters refrain from wearing revealing clothes, because a...

Angela Merkel warns anti-Muslim Pegida group in New Year’s address

German chancellor Angela Merkel in her New Year’s address condemned the rise of a far-right anti-Muslim movement, saying its leaders have “hatred in their...

Anti-Muslim Pegida group makes gains in German local election

Germany’s anti-Islam Pegida movement took nearly 10% of the vote in mayoral elections in its eastern stronghold of Dresden on Sunday, a better-than-expected result...

Thousands in Germany say farewell to brave Turkish woman killed in brutal attack

Thousands of people in Germany bid farewell to a young Turkish woman who was brutally attacked for trying to rescue two women from being...

Senior German judges call for hijab ban in court to show “neutrality”

Two prominent German law associations are calling for the hijab to be banned for judges and lawyers to uphold “neutrality” in court. Heated discussion was...

Hanau attack suspect Tobias Rathjen “hated ethnic minorities”

The suspected gunman who killed nine people in the German town of Hanau has been named by local media as Tobias Rathjen, a far-right extremist...

Scientists behind the new COVID vaccine are Turkish-German

The scientists behind the new coronavirus vaccine are a Turkish-German couple. The Pfizer vaccine is said to be 90% effective against COVID-19 has been heralded...

All of Germany’s Muslim MPs voted in support of same-sex marriage

All of Germany's six Muslim members of parliament voted in support of same-sex marriage, whilst Chancellor Angela Merkel opposed the bill stating that "marriage...

Germany prosecutes BDS activists who interrupted speech by Israel Knesset member

A vigil has been held outside the German Embassy in London in solidarity with three BDS activists who are on trial in Germany accused of...