VIDEO: French doctor refuses to treat Muslim child because mother is wearing hijab

Video footage of a medical doctor in France refusing to see a child because the mother is wearing the hijab.

Two elderly Muslims seriously injured in France mosque shooting

Two elderly Muslims have been seriously injured after a shooting in front of a mosque in the town of Bayonne in south west France. Authorities...

Tariq Ramadan in his own words: I am totally innocent

On February 2 Tariq Ramadan was held in precautionary detention after being accused of rape by two women. Since then he has been kept...

VIDEO: Christian activists in France try disrupting Jumah prayers

Video footage of Christian activists in France trying to disrupt Jumah prayers in public last Friday.

Tariq Ramadan’s brother expelled from France due to “extremist views”

The brother of prominent Muslim academic Tariq Ramadan - Imam Hani Ramadan - has been expelled from France and sent back to Switzerland due...

Tariq Ramadan’s health “has deteriorated” while in custody

French media is reporting that Professor Tariq Ramadan’s health has greatly deteriorated since he has been in custody. Ramadan, who is reported to be suffering...

Man tries to kill worshippers outside Paris mosque

A man has been arrested in Paris after trying to drive his vehicle into a crowd outside a mosque. The incident took place at about...

Muslim woman fined for wearing burkini in a pool at private French holiday resort

A Muslim woman who rented a private holiday resort in France was allegedly fined because she swam in the property's communal swimming pool area...

VIDEO: Muslim woman in France violently arrested for wearing the niqab

Video footage of a Muslim woman being violently arrested by police in a public park for wearing the niqab, which is a criminal offence...

Tariq Ramadan questioned by police over rape allegations

Prominent Muslim academic Tariq Ramadan is being questioned by French police investigating allegations of rape and sexual assault against him. Professor Ramadan was taken into...