Increase in Muslim converts in France after Charlie Hebdo

The number of people accepting Islam in France has increased significantly after the Charlie Hebdo attacks, with imams reporting a growing number of people...

French Muslims call for Europe-wide march against Islamophobia on March 15

A French Muslim organisation has called for a march in  different European cities on March 15 to protest against Islamophobia. Coordination against Racism and Islamophobia...

French Muslim who had kids taken away arrested over “radicalisation suspicions”

A French Muslim father who had his five children taken away after he was apparently mistakenly suspected of leaving for Syria to fight jihad...

French authorities take children away from Muslim couple over “jihad suspicions”

A French Muslim couple have had their five children taken away from them after the father was apparently mistakenly suspected of leaving for Syria...

Moroccan weekly depicts French president as Hitler

A Moroccan magazine has said it chose to depict French President François Hollande as Hitler on its cover in order to draw attention to...

French police interrogate 8 yr old boy after school reports him for praising terrorism

An eight-year-old boy has been interrogated by police in France after his school reported him for "praising terrorism." The child - called Ahmed - allegedly...

French govt launches internet campaign against jihadism

The French government unveiled a short video and web site on Wednesday designed to dissuade potential jihadists from joining Islamist fighting groups in Syria...

Moroccan man jailed on terror charges can lose French nationality

France can strip a French-Moroccan man convicted of terrorism-related crimes of his French nationality, the country’s constitutional council has ruled. The authority, whose 12 members...

Man stabbed to death in France as wife watched in “horrible Islamophobic attack”

A Moroccan Muslim was brutally killed in France after being stabbed 17 times in front of his wife at his own home by a...

Paris gunman Amedy Coulibaly pledges allegiance to ISIS in martyrdom video

A video has emerged that appears to show the man who took hostages in a kosher supermarket in Paris pledging his allegiance to ISIS. The...