Former Playboy model from Malaysia sets date to embrace Islam

Malaysia's only Playboy model, Felixia Yeap or "Yeap Chin Yee" announced on Friday that she will officially embrace Islam on the fifth Ramadan this...

Sheikh Bilal Philips forced to leave Bangladesh

A prominent Jamaican-born Salafi scholar has been forced to leave Bangladesh for his alleged "extremist" views.  Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips left Dhaka last Wednesday after...

Sri Lankan govt extends curfew after anti-Muslim violence

The Sri Lankan government has extended curfews in the south-western region of Aluthgama after a violent Buddhist mob murdered three Muslims and burned dozens...

Pakistan suspends Geo TV’s licence for defaming the Army and ISI

Pakistan has suspended the licence of Geo News for 15 days for defaming the army and the powerful Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), a day after...

Ulama in Pakistan issue fatwa against honour killings

Pakistan Ulama Council have issued a fatwa against the practice of honour killings, describing it as "unIslamic" and "inhuman" after the murder of Farzana...

Muslim outrage over pork DNA found in Cadbury Malaysia products

Muslim leaders are outraged after the Malaysian Ministry of Health confirmed on Monday that two of Cadbury Malaysia's products tested positive for traces of...

Leader of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami congratulates Narendra Modi

The acting ameer of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami has congratulated BJP and Narendra Modi over their recent landslide victory in the Indian elections. Maqbul Ahmed issued...

Sheikh Hasina reignites patriotism by setting Guinness record for choir singing of national anthem

Hundreds of thousands of Bangladeshis along with the country's head of the government sang the national anthem in the capital city of Dhaka on...

Kashmiri students expelled from India university for cheering Pakistan victory

Kashmiri students have been thrown out of an Indian university for supporting Pakistan's Asia Cup victory against India. The students have been permanently expelled...

Gunmen in Bangladesh free convicted Islamists in prison van attack

Gunmen in Bangladesh have attacked a police escort carrying convicted members of a banned Islamist group, freeing three prisoners. Two of the men had...