Muslim professor in Delhi will take people out for pork lunch to show tolerance

A Muslim professor from Delhi wants to take people out for a pork-eating lunch to make a point about religious tolerance, after a Muslim...

Indian Muslim farmer beaten to death, suspected of slaughtering cow

Indian police have arrested eight people and were searching for two more yesterday after villagers beat a Muslim farmer to death and severely injured...

India’s Hindu nationalist leader says Muslims should be “steralised”

The leader of an Indian Hindu nationalist party made a public statement saying Muslims and Christians should be sterilised in order to check their...

Indian head teacher “smashed young boy’s head to death” for not paying school fees

A head teacher in India is accused of battering a young boy to death because his parents could not afford to pay his school...

Pro ISIS tweeter @ShamiWitness fears for life after being unmasked

The man behind the most influential pro-ISIS Twitter account has told Channel 4 News that he is "ready to surrender" after Indian police said...

Leader of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami congratulates Narendra Modi

The acting ameer of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami has congratulated BJP and Narendra Modi over their recent landslide victory in the Indian elections. Maqbul Ahmed issued...

Kashmiri students expelled from India university for cheering Pakistan victory

Kashmiri students have been thrown out of an Indian university for supporting Pakistan's Asia Cup victory against India. The students have been permanently expelled...

Mumbai property ad specifies “no Muslims”

An online ad for a two-bedroom flat for sale in Mumbai, India, highlighted the fact that it was furnished, had lots of natural light and car...

15 Muslims killed in India communal violence

Indian soldiers were dispatched to Uttar Pradesh on Saturday night as armed gangs of Hindu activists stormed a mosque and a village, killing over...
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