British Muslim teacher refused entry to the US during school trip

A Muslim schoolteacher from Wales was denied entry to the US last week during a school party trip to New York. Juhel Miah and a...

Former Quran teacher convicted of child sex offences

An 81-year-old former Quran teacher has been convicted of a string of child sex offences. Mohammed Haji Sadiq taught for 30 years at the Madina...

Drunk man given £10 for taxi at Swansea Mosque later calls worshipper a terrorist

Worshippers at Swansea Mosque who gave £10 to a drunk and bloodied man were repaid by abuse when he called a congregation member a...

DVLA withdraws private registration plate reading “jihad”

The DVLA has withdrawn a vehicle registration plate which looked like it spelled the word "jihad" after complaints from members of the public. The Ford...

Man with machete reportedly shouted he would “chop all Muslims up” at Justin Bieber...

A man wielding a machete was arrested after reportedly screaming that he would "chop all Muslims up" as thousands of fans gathered for a...

Cardiff Quran teacher jailed for child sex offences

An 81-year-old former Quran teacher who was convicted of a string of child sex offences has been jailed for 13 years. Mohammed Haji Sadiq taught...

Machete-wielding thug jailed for threatening Muslim taxi driver outside Justin Bieber concert

A man has been jailed for wielding a machete and threatening a Muslim taxi driver during an Islamophobic rant outside a Justin Bieber concert...

Man storms Muslim engagement event in Wales and shouts “you’re all terrorists!”

Video footage of a man who stormed into an event organised by Muslim think-tank MEND in south Wales and shouted "you're all terrorists". 

Teenager found guilty of plotting terror attack during Justin Bieber concert in Cardiff

A Welsh schoolboy has been found guilty of plotting an "ISIS-inspired" attack on the day of a Justin Bieber concert in Cardiff. The 17-year-old from...

Former Swansea Imam cleared of sexually assaulting children

A former Imam from Swansea who came to the UK in 2010 from Burma has been cleared of sexually assaulting children. Noor Alam faced a...
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