Mosques attacked after Woolwich beheading

Worshippers at numerous mosques have been attacked and the properties vandalised as a result of today’s events in Woolwich. Two men have been arrested after...

FOSIS says Muslim students should stay at home tonight

The Muslim student umbrella body, FOSIS, says Muslim students across the country should avoid leaving their homes tonight in light of the far-rights's rallying calls for...

Full speech of Woolwich soldier killer

Here is the full text of the speech by one of the perpetrators involved in yesterday's murder of a British soldier in south London....

It’s all about foreign policy

Counter-terrorism research student Shazan Iqbal argues that condemnations of yesterday's Woolwich attack are fruitless unless British foreign policy is addressed. Almost immediately as the Woolwich...

Woolwich Murder: Islamic terrorism or violent thuggery?

Professor Tahir Abbas says that the Woolwich killing wasn't inspired by al-Qaida. The tragic incident relating to the murder of an unarmed soldier yards away...

Moazzam Begg: “Woolwich attack done for the cameras”

Less than three weeks ago a 75-year old Muslim grandfather was stabbed to death on the way back from evening prayers in my city of...

Hizb ut-Tahrir press release: Muslims in Britain must remain steadfast

We have been here before. Yet, listening to the reactions, it would seem, on first impressions, that few people have learned anything constructive and...

Violence begets violence?

Political activist Zafer Iqbal argues that while many commentators blame Islamic extremism for what happened in Woolwich, the real root cause is historical grievances...

Anjem Choudary must accept blame for Muslim backlash

Hasina Patel, who's a teacher in a school near Woolwich, blames Anjem Choudary for the backlash against Muslims in the UK. Following Thursday's horrific attack...

Violence on Muslims is never acknowledged

Arzu Merali of the Islamic Human Rights Commission says that anti-Muslim violence is often ignored. I woke up this morning to news that at least...
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