Moazzam Begg: “Woolwich attack done for the cameras”

Less than three weeks ago a 75-year old Muslim grandfather was stabbed to death on the way back from evening prayers in my city of...

Violence begets violence?

Political activist Zafer Iqbal argues that while many commentators blame Islamic extremism for what happened in Woolwich, the real root cause is historical grievances...

Anjem Choudary must accept blame for Muslim backlash

Hasina Patel, who's a teacher in a school near Woolwich, blames Anjem Choudary for the backlash against Muslims in the UK. Following Thursday's horrific attack...

Violence on Muslims is never acknowledged

Arzu Merali of the Islamic Human Rights Commission says that anti-Muslim violence is often ignored. I woke up this morning to news that at least...

Anjem Choudary: I stand by Michael Adebolajo

Dilly Hussain interviews Anjem Choudary, the former leader of the now banned al Muhajiroun group. Choudary, who has been in the spotlight because of...

Muslim apologists – The new “divide and rule”

As a result of the Woolwich murder there has been an immense backlash of Islamophobic attacks against Muslims and mosques. Dilly Hussain argues that...

Lozells Mosque should come clean and apologize

Roshan Muhammed Salih argues that Lozells Central Mosque should just come clean and apologize for planning to fund the British army. What a mess! Lozells Central...

US mosques need a revolution

Salina Khan argues that American mosques are promoting a government-based agenda and need to refocus on their God-given mission. My three sisters and I spent...

Nice day out for the knuckle-draggers

Today all across England hordes of unemployed white men cracked open their lagers, draped themselves in England flags and set out to confront the...

Opinion: Erdogan has betrayed Turkey’s Muslims

The excessive force and sheer brutality with which the Turkish police and plain clothes thugs surrounded unarmed and peaceful protesters in Taksim Gezi park, Istanbul,...
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