British Muslims should oppose air strikes on Syria

Many British Muslims have made serious tactical mistakes since the onset of the Arab Spring and I really hope they won't make another one...

Deafening silence by leading British Muslims on Syria

Britain is most probably only a few days away from attacking a majority Muslim country yet it seems that leading British Muslims have little...

British Muslims got it wrong on Syria intervention

Yesterday was a momentous day for this country but unfortunately Muslims played little or no part in it, writes Roshan Muhammed Salih. It was the...

Muslims and the art of disagreement

A lot of Muslims have a tough time agreeing to disagree, writes Roshan Muhammed Salih. I’ve learned that from my interactions with people on social...

For and against: Should Muslims from the West do jihad in Syria?

With increasing reports of European Muslims travelling to do jihad in Syria against Bashar al Assad's regime, deputy editor of 5Pillars Dilly Hussain goes head to...

King of the Sands: If this isn’t the worst film ever it’s damn close

I haven’t been to the cinema in years and to be honest I’ll probably never go again after watching King of the Sands, the...

The Sun issues niqab fatwa

The Voice of every single unemployed, lager-swilling, foul-mouthed, army-loving, white van man in this country has spoken, writes Roshan Muhammed Salih. On its front page...

5Pillarz: This is how we did this past month

In keeping with our promise to be completely transparent about our performance and finances (unlike any other Muslim organisation!) this is how 5Pillarz did...

Quilliam Foundation: Never has a British Muslim organisation been more reviled

In all my years reporting on British Muslims I've never come across a Muslim organisation which is more reviled by all strands of the...

The Saudis are ruining hajj

For a Muslim hajj should be the trip of a lifetime. The chance to fulfil an obligatory pillar of Islam, to re-establish their relationship...
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