EXCLUSIVE: Leeds secondary school bans the jilbab

A secondary school in Leeds has confirmed that it has banned the jilbab after a parent who wanted to send her daughter there made...

Hardly any Muslims wear poppies … and with good reason

I won't be wearing a poppy on Remembrance Sunday next week and neither will the overwhelming majority of British Muslims. And there's a simple reason for that...

I’ll never support FC Barca again after their Israel “peace tour”

Roshan Muhammed Salih argues that FC Barcelona have just insulted millions of Palestinians and handed the apartheid state of Israel a huge propaganda coup. Like...

Al Jazeera English instructs staff not to call Syria’s Jabhat al Nusra “Al Qaeda”

Al Jazeera English has instructed all of its news and website staff not to refer to the official al-Qaeda franchise in Syria – Jabhat...

Book Review: Mike Tyson’s Undisputed Truth

Mike Tyson's brutally honest autobiography - Undisputed Truth - is one of the best sporting biographies that you will probably ever read, writes Roshan...

The Saudis are ruining hajj

For a Muslim hajj should be the trip of a lifetime. The chance to fulfil an obligatory pillar of Islam, to re-establish their relationship...

British Muslim TV should rename itself “Penny Appeal TV”

It's only been broadcasting for a month and half but British Muslim TV already has a considerable achievement to its name - it makes...

French authorities take children away from Muslim couple over “jihad suspicions”

A French Muslim couple have had their five children taken away from them after the father was apparently mistakenly suspected of leaving for Syria...

Student suspensions lead to huge Islamophobia row at London college

Newham Sixth Form College (NewVic) in London is at the centre of a huge row about Islamophobia and the government's counter-terrorism policies after it...

King of the Sands: If this isn’t the worst film ever it’s damn close

I haven’t been to the cinema in years and to be honest I’ll probably never go again after watching King of the Sands, the...
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