LGBT lobby is dismantling the bedrock of humanity by destroying the nuclear family

LGBT flag

The LGBT lobby is an example of how Cultural Marxism has hijacked identity politics to dictate new “universal” norms and values.

In recent months, the British Muslim community has been the target of an insidious plot to foist the LGBT agenda on its children.

At the centre of the controversy are parents at the Parkfield Community School in Birmingham, who have objected to the assistant head teacher’s plan to incorporate stories about same-sex relationships and transgenderism into the curriculum.

This latest chapter in the west’s culture wars finds a radical left hell-bent on redefining the gender paradigm in an unprecedented stride towards altering the human condition.

Cultural Marxism

At the heart of our moral disintegration is something which for decades has infiltrated the socio-political institutions of the west: Cultural Marxism.

Cultural Marxists conceive of traditional social structures such as marriage, family and religion as cultural pathologies which are central to the legitimation of oppression.

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Jaded by the failures of communist governments, its leading theorists from The Frankfurt School sought to address the perceived shortcomings of Classical Marxism by adopting a new oppressor-victim narrative and revised modus operandi which shifted the focus from class warfare and economic determinism to what Gramsci called “the long march through institutions.”

This involved seizing the “cultural means of production” by occupying influential positions across academia, government and education to propagate atheism, feminism and gay rights as part of their countercultural endeavour to uproot traditionalism and detach societies from moral anchors.

Central to this reclassification of social norms was the suggestion that masculinity and femininity are derived from the enforcement of artificial social constructs and not a reflection of objective sexual differences.

Despite fissures among leftist groups in the past century, Cultural Marxists evolved from typical campus agitators to penetrating the power structure, leaving an indelible mark on the secular liberal intelligentsia.

Moral values

The march towards LGBT is the culmination of cultural forces shaped by the aforementioned juggernaut, which gained traction through postmodernist ethics and progressive values that became the rallying cry of the New Left inheritors during the sexual revolution in the 1960s.

With the introduction of the birth control pill decoupling sex from reproduction, the combined forces of individualism, moral relativism and feminism emerged as a bulwark against social conservatism.

The crowning achievement of Cultural Marxists was arguably the legalisation of abortion, representing a major milestone in their attempts to devise a conception of personhood based on subjective self-identification. T

his was followed by a radical shift in sexual conventions in the following decades through the legal recognition of gay marriage, opening the floodgates to redefining an institution which has been uniformly understood as male-female matrimony across millennia of human experience.

Given the liberal obsession with extricating the individual from moral absolutes, our sexual ethics have been on a precipitous decline leaving us susceptible to a plethora of ideological trends.

The LGBT movement is a symptom of this relativism on steroids.

LGBT support

Not only is this context key to charting our descent into nihilism, it is also important to interrogate the breakneck speed at which transgenderism is infiltrating the mainstream.

To a largely unsuspecting public, it may seem like a grass-roots uprising but it is driven by a top-down ideological movement that has proved instrumental in framing LGBT as an urgent priority for policymakers.

Powered by a transnational network of governments, corporations and billionaire philanthropists who are often protected through tax shelters and legal firewalls, international organisations such as the UN have also integrated LGBT concerns into its global development agenda, while leading executives of multinationals have pitched a business case for LGBT inclusion.

Unsurprisingly, the medical industrial complex is heavily invested in the transgender project. With mechanisms in place prohibiting transitioning patients from exploring the psychological basis for their dysphoria, there is a market opportunity in grooming children for a lifetime of medication through puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones.

Therefore, discrediting the scientific evidence exposing the pseudoscientific origins of gender dysphoria is crucial to sustaining the transgender deception. Pharmaceutical giants like CVS Caremark and leading health professionals have uncritically accepted the quackery, clamouring to jump on board the profession’s burgeoning cash cow.

Faith and family

Although the corporatisation of the LGBT project largely explains why a minority has bent the contemporary culture to its will, we must peek under the shiny veneer of rainbow flags to see how Cultural Marxism has hijacked identity politics to dictate our cultural mores, as gender ideologues are committed to more than simply insisting that we use the correct pronouns and respect their sensitivities in bathrooms.

They represent something more insidious, which is to chip away at the bedrock of human civilisation by destroying the nuclear family and marginalising religious expression by exalting personal autonomy as the ultimate arbiter of human decisions.

To facilitate this cultural transformation, the cabal championing this ideology have faith-based communities in their crosshairs.

Often disguising their anti-Muslim animus as pro-LGBT activism, not only have LGBT reformists been openly contemptuous towards Muslims, but they have made no secret of their intent to deconstruct organised religion and appropriate time-honoured Christian values to align them with a progressive rights agenda.

The Arcus Foundation, a prominent charitable organisation promoting LGBT rights is issuing multi-million dollar grants for the specific purpose of reforming church teaching on sexual orientation among evangelical communities. Donors are also targeting religious exemption laws as part of the endorsement of special litigation efforts to enforce a wider crackdown on religious freedom protections which are exercised to undermine practices like gay marriage.

Furthermore, the left’s penchant for sabotaging tradition is evident from a number of legal cases, paving the way for legislators to undermine parental authority and subvert the sacred institution of the family. A recent decision by an Ohio judge to strip parents of custody of their teenage girl for objecting to her wanting hormone replacement therapy on Christian grounds was one of several culture defining legal victories setting a dangerous precedent for advocates of parental rights and religious freedom.

Perhaps the most disquieting development in this culture war is how learning institutions have become the primary breeding ground for LGBT fanatics, where repercussions to offending the current orthodoxy are being felt most acutely.

Our teachers have been pressured into compliance by advocacy groups and legislators who have passed laws appeasing the LGBT lobby. By capitulating to the zeitgeist, educators are at the forefront of challenging hetero-normative values and indoctrinating prepubescent children through a faux androgynous anthropology into embracing gender fluidity and multiple configurations of family.

The socially conservative forces in the West are being outmanoeuvred at every step by the left, whose access to funding and resources has catapulted the pansexual utopia envisaged by LGBT advocates to the top of the social justice agenda.

We are now charging headlong into the age of polymorphous perversity and there is no greater testament to our rebellion against divinity than attempts to normalise non-binary identities. With the new sexual revolution underway, mankind is sleepwalking into an unspeakable moral regression.

While it’s easy to be held hostage to political correctness, we must never desist from pushing back against this devolving understanding of gender which is shifting the progressive goalposts with no definable end in sight. People of conscience must unpack this cultural pathology for what it is: a Trojan horse to herald the death of kinship through ever-evolving sexualities.

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