Tens of thousands of football fans march against extremism in London

Tens of thousands of football fans “marched against extremism” in London yesterday at a protest attended by English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson.

The Football Lads Alliance (FLA) descended on London for a demonstration condemned by Stand up to Racism (SUTR) as well as Labour’s Dianne Abbott.

FLA founder John Meighan said the event was organised to show concern at a “recent upsurge” in UK terrorist attacks.

He told the crowd the FLA consisted of “regular people.” Mr Meighan said: “We’re against all extremism, no matter what the press say. We’re just normal people.”

Beginning in Marble Arch, the march attracted fans from as far afield as Newcastle to protest alongside West Ham United, Millwall and Arsenal fans among others, with Twitter user Mark Braithwaite putting the attendance figure at 30,000.

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