Plain clothed police officers repeatedly hit Asian man with baton in Birmingham

Video footage has emerged of two plain clothed police officers repeatedly hitting an Asian man with a baton in Birmingham when the victim posed no physical threat to them.

The incident which took place in the weekend involved a man who was handcuffed and questioned by plain clothed police officers for allegedly possessing illegal drugs.

The victim who posed no physical threat to the officers was filming the incident before he was struck multiple times with a police baton and wrestled to the ground.

The Asian man in his late teens or early twenties was not being questioned or resisting arrest before he was violently restrained by police.

West Midlands Police issued the following statement yesterday on their Facebook page: “Following the circulation of a video on social media relating to arrests made by WMP officers in Birmingham yesterday, an assessment of the footage continues.

“Whilst an assessment is being carried out by experts in the Professional Standards Department, the officers featured in the footage will not be deployed on usual duties.

“We are continuing to gather as much information as swiftly as possible to understand exactly what has happened.

“As always, we are treating this matter seriously.”

This video was cross-posted from the Spotted Asians UK Facebook page.

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