Israeli regime removes metal detectors from Masjid Al-Aqsa entrances

[Image source: Reuters]

Israeli authorities have removed the metal detectors it placed at the entrances of Masjid Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem after uproar from Palestinians.

The occupying Zionist entity said it plans to replace them with “less obtrusive” surveillance.

However, Muslim leaders have called on worshippers to continue boycotting the third most sacred site in Islam.

Deadly clashes ensued after the metal detectors were introduced, which Palestinians saw as Israeli aggression in exercising control over the sacred compound.

Israel claimed that it was “necessary” to stop weapons being smuggled in.

It followed the killing of two Israeli police officers by Israeli-Arab gunmen on Friday 14 July, who police allege had hidden their weapons on the hilltop site known to Muslims as “Haram al-Sharif” and to the Jews as the “Temple Mount”.

The Israeli prime minister’s office said the Zionist entity’s security officials had recommended replacing the metal detectors with “advanced technologies and other means”.

It stated the new measures would be put in place over the next six months but extra police would be deployed around the holy site until then.

However, the Muslim body which manages the Al-Aqsa compound, the “Waqf”, called on worshippers to continue boycotting the site until advised otherwise.

Thousands of Palestinians refused to visit the complex because of the metal detectors, holding congregational prayers in the street outside the Old City instead.

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