Passengers on London bus looked on as pregnant Muslim woman racially abused

The incident occurred on the 259 bus along Blackstock Road, Finsbury Park

A pregnant Muslim woman was verbally abused by a drunken man who called her a “terrorist” on a London bus while passengers idly looked on, the London Evening Standard reports.

The woman of Turkish descent faced a 15 minute tirade as she travelled on the 259 bus along Blackstock Road, Finsbury Park.

It was only when the perpetrator threatened to punch her that a man intervened to protect her, according to witnesses.

The bus driver then stopped the bus and told passengers to get off once he was made aware of the abuse.

He called police who arrived on the scene shortly after.

Transport for London claims that the number of racist crimes per passenger journey has remained “stable” at about one crime for every three million passenger journeys over the last five years.

Steve Burton, Transport for London’s director of enforcement and on-street operations, said: “We do not tolerate racist behaviour of any kind on our bus network and the police are currently investigating this incident.”

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Scotland Yard confirmed that a man had been arrested following the attack on Monday morning.

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