Yasir Qadhi: We have lost the core essentials of Islam

In a Facebook post American Muslim scholar Yasir Qadhi laments the current condition of the Muslims.

It is truly sad, our state of affairs. To Allah alone we complain.

We have so many people who are so full of anger and hatred, towards the rest of humanity, towards their fellow Muslims, towards students of knowledge and scholars and activists, that it appears they have wiped out their basic humanity and mercy.

We have uneducated, self-taught followers who believe they are so qualified to give religious verdicts that they can make someone else’s life permissible, without ever actually having studied with a single scholar. Googling fatwas and quoting random incidents from the Seerah is enough these days to become a faqih.

We have opened up the doors of “takfir” (excommunicating other Muslims): something that even the greatest of scholars would rarely use against their most heretical opponents is now being tossed around like candy against anyone who disagrees with your position.

Muslims are under scrutiny after the Charlie Hebdo attacks
Muslims are under scrutiny after the Charlie Hebdo attacks

We have obliterated the concept of husn al-dhann (thinking the best of others), and filled ourselves with unbelievable arrogance. Just because someone does not support our way of doing things, in our arrogance this equates to him opposing the religion of Islam itself, and becoming an enemy of Allah and His Messenger! As if *my* opinion becomes representative of Allah Himself!!

We have constructed a do-it-yourself version of Islam, where scholarship can be learned in a day, and reputable scholars from around the globe who have lived many decades in the service of Islam are simply tossed aside without the least hesitation.

A “scholar” becomes any internet preacher who simply happens to agree with my version of Islam, no matter how few credentials he has, or how naive his understanding of the prophetic methodology is, or how un-Islamic his message might actually be.

We have made our religion about smearing others, hating others, killing others…. and in the process forgotten that our primary job is the worship of Allah and the embodiment of the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah, so that others love us for our good, not fear us for our evils.

We have opened up the doors of hypocrisy, blaming “them” for all of our woes, whereas the fact of the matter is that the harm we cause our religion is far worse than anything they can do or have ever done.

And in all of this, we have lost so many of the core essentials of Islam: mercy, compassion, knowledge, patience, good manners, forbearance….and the list goes on and on.

Indeed, it is truly sad, our state of affairs. And to Allah alone I complain.

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