Samantha Lewthwaite: Myths and legends from the war on terror

Samantha Lewthwaite is wanted by Interpol

Journalist Kashif Ahmed argues that Samantha Lewthwaite, aka the White Widow, is either already dead or is a British agent.

Her name is Sherafiyah or Samantha Lewthwaite: Muslim convert at 17, harassed by the British government at 21 and on Interpol’s most wanted list at 29.

Widow of alleged 7/7 suicide-bomber Jermaine Lindsey, there’re those who insist she’s a religious fanatic whilst others are quite certain Samantha’s a disavowed MI6 operative.

Accused of masterminding the Westgate mall terror attack in Nairobi, Kenya, we’re expected to believe that the Irish-born, Aylesbury-raised, mother-of-three led a heavy weapons platoon in a fortified objective, tactical assault against hundreds of Special Forces troops whilst taking down multiple targets with a sniper rifle…

People who say she’s an MI6 agent cite the fact that Samantha’s father was in the British army and deployed in occupied Northern Ireland. The fact that she went to SOAS (ie spy central) is apparently another red flag.

I’d err on the side of caution here, and say that whilst there’s no conclusive evidence to confirm or deny that claim, it’s far easier to prove she was threatened by the services to go the way of Michael Adebolajo (who was tortured and turned in Kenya by the Brits). The fact that she somehow managed to escape is why they’ve put her in the frame over Westgate.

False flag

For Nairobi – like 9/11, Madrid, 7/7, Mumbai, Sandy Hook, Boston and Woolwich before it – was a painfully obvious, Anglo-American-Israeli false flag. But in an age of media disinformation and controversy, The White Widow narrative scores highly on both fronts.

So how should we respond to the accusation?

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) stated that: “The burden of proof is upon the plaintiff, and the oath is upon the one who is accused”. (Tirmidhi, Hadith 22).

The Nairobi mall attack is the deadliest act of terrorism since the 1998 US embassy bombing
The Nairobi mall attack killed dozens

So based on the aforementioned criteria, Samantha Lewthwaite is innocent until proven otherwise.

Now we already know that the Anglo-American-Israeli regimes are forked tongue liars, whose new lies contradict their old lies which in turn compromise the lies they’re going to tell you three lies from now. Their big lies (eg 9/11, WMD in Iraq) have caused the deaths of millions of innocent people, so why would any rational human being believe anything they have to say ever again?

Anyway, let’s not obsess over what we think we know about this girl but focus on what we actually know: Samantha is, by all accounts, a mild-mannered and considerate young woman, pulled into a maelstrom of cloak and dagger moves and countermoves after 7/7.

Principal Intelligence Analyst for South Yorkshire Police, Tony Farrell, was dismissed from his post after 12 years for stating the facts about false flag terrorism.

He wasn’t fired because the content of his report on the issue was inaccurate, but because he was no longer prepared to cover for Zionist criminals: “The attacks of 7th July 2005 and 11th September 2001 were in fact perpetrated by the governments of the UK and the USA against their own citizens for the purpose of building support for their foreign policy agenda.”

Its’ only natural then, that she’d want to clear her late husband’s name, given that 7/7 was a deadly con, another false flag in the fraudulent “war on terror.”

Muslim community

Alas, Samantha Lewthwaite didn’t receive much support from the Muslim community and I can’t say I’m surprised.

For many Muslims are more concerned about being honoured at some pretentious soirée at the Front Line Club, than honouring our commitment to the facts on the front line. Commitments that can only be honoured by listening to those who challenge this corrupt system and speak plainly of its ills and parasitic malevolence.

Lewthwaite is alleged to be on the run
Lewthwaite is alleged to be on the run

Other Muslims, reactionary zealots easily duped by the state, would rather claim her alleged exploits as part of some glorious Jihad, then sober up and look into the murky world of government propaganda.

I can only assume that she’d hit rock bottom by the time Samantha thought talking to The Sun would be a good idea, nonetheless, Lewthwaite managed to convey a few important points amidst the tabloid hate and hysteria: “I won’t believe it until they show me the proof. I’m not going to accept it until they have his DNA”, she said.

Even then, we were reluctant to endorse her statements or rubbish the regime’s thoroughly discredited version of events.

Scenario and conspiracies

There are five plausible scenarios / outcomes in this case:

1. Samantha Lewthwaite was assassinated or disappeared by Anglo-American-Israeli terrorists for speaking out on 7/7. She’s now a fictional concept (i.e. The White Widow); someone to blame whenever Anglo-American-Israeli agents commit a terrorist attack anywhere in the world.

2. She was press-ganged into the services then burned when 7/7 went sour and is now held in diplomatic limbo but played like a card every now and then.

3. She was taken to Kenya; tortured and turned by British Intelligence at the behest of their Mossad overlords.

4. Samantha Lewthwaite is still active with the agency and this was simply an elaborate reassignment hoax (e.g. like the Adam Pearlman extraction).

5. She was taken to Kenya for speaking out on 7/7; tortured by British Intelligence to be a cointel-pro patsy, didn’t break and is now on the run.

I was once asked, only half in jest, whether there was any conspiracy theory I didn’t believe in. Yes, I replied, the one that denies the existence of conspiracy.

The former Director of Studies at the U.S Army War College, Dr. Alan Sobrosky put it best, when he recalled a meeting he had with the French attaché to Washington. The attaché remarked: “We French see conspiracies everywhere but you Americans don’t see conspiracies anywhere …and we’re both wrong”.

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