Lozells mosque claims “Help for Heroes” event a hoax

Lozells Central Mosque, Birmingham

After a massive uproar erupted last night on social media about Lozells Central Mosque holding a fundraising event for the British army charity “Help for Heroes”, the mosque committee have now claimed they have been misreprsented.

They stated on their Facebook page this morning:

“Lozells Central Mosque strongly condemns the murder of the British soldier in Woolwich, London that took place last week. We are appalled by this despicable act and our thoughts are with the victim’s family and friends.

“During the course of the week, it has been widespread that Lozells Central Mosque will be hosting a ‘Help For Heroes’ FUNDRAISER on Sunday 2nd June 2013, however we can confirm that this is UNTRUE. The Masjid at no point, has organised or advertised such an event, rather false advertisement by external individuals has generated this misleading claim. We can confirm that ALL sources stating anything to the contrary are unreliable and false.

“However, the Masjid can confirm that a Conference will take place at Lozells Central Mosque on Sunday 2nd June 2013 entitled “Islam, A Religion of Peace – Condemning the Woolwich Murder” at 3pm.

“We would like to reiterate that Lozells Central Mosque is not hosting a fundraiser on Sunday 2nd June 2013 and ALL sources stating otherwise are FALSE (as at no point has the Masjid itself organised, announced, or agreed to this).

“Please note that all events organised by and held at Lozells Central Mosque are stated on the official Facebook page at Lozells Central Mosque and Twitter page (due to the Masjid website currently being under construction)”.

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The mosque was accused of acting “shamefully” and condoning the killing of Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan by scores of people on social media last night.

On the 5 Pillarz Facebook page one reader said: “Controversial is an understatement. I’d say more like shameful. They may as well go into Iraq and Afghanistan, they damage themselves if they’re going to raise money for those who have ruined and terrorised Muslims.” Another said: “I think people are forgetting about holding onto the rope of Allah…how many of our sisters and brothers and our children have been raped, killed, beaten, tortured because of the illegal wars and occupation of Muslim countries?”

There is also widespread scepticism about Lozells mosque’s statement this morning with many feeling that they were indeed going to hold the event but have now backtracked in the face of public reaction. Some Birmingham residents feel they are now effectively trying to blame the messenger instead of coming clean and apologizing.

Moreover, Deputy Editor of 5 Pillarz, Dilly Hussain, can confirm that he spoke to Lozells Central Mosque committee member, Haji Mohammed Yaseen, at 10pm last night and he confirmed that there would be a “Help for Heroes” fundraising event this Sunday. The phone conversation was recorded. Other sources too confirm that an event was going to be held on Sunday.

5 Pillarz are willing to publish the transcript and audio of the conversation if Lozells Central Mosque challenges the authenticity of this information.

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