Was Michael Adebolajo an MI5 agent?

The article appeared soon after the Woolwich murder

The claims by Michael Adebolajo’s friend Abu Nusaybah on Newsnight last night that the Woolwich suspect was harassed by MI5 and that the security service asked him to work for them is unsurprising, writes Roshan Muhammed Salih.

I have been researching how MI5 spies on, infiltrates and disrupts the Muslim community for nearly a year now. I have produced two documentaries about it which you can view here:



And I also believe that I myself have been the victim of low-level yet persistent harrassment by MI5 in the shape of anonymous phone calls in the middle of the night to numbers I have never given out, and fake accounts being set up on Twitter to target me.

What I’ve learned about M15 is that they consider “al-Qaida inspired” terrorism as their main area of work to protect the British mainland. This is how they justify their huge budgets, this is how careers and money are made – by fighting al Qaida in Britain. Some more cynical than me would say that perhaps M15 loves al Qaida because they guarantee the spooks a lot of money and work, they keep them in jobs.


Anyhow, what is sure is that any radical or influential member of the Muslim community will be under MI5 surveillance. Certainly anyone associated with Anjem Choudary or who travels to Kenya (a possible transit route to Somalia) will be on the radar.

When they deem the time is right MI5 will approach these individuals, fishing for information, and often they will ask them to work for them. After all, as non-Muslims MI5 do not have access to this closed community so they desperately need members of that community to do their dirty work.

And I have been told countless times by sources that when MI5 asks you to spy, you can’t say “no.” Why not? Because they will try to blackmail you with something in your personal life or some other leverage.

Did this happen to Michael Adebolajo? I don’t know but I think it’s perfectly plausible.

False flag?

Now let’s go a step further and ask something the mainstream media will never ask but ordinary people are defintely asking. Did Michael Adebolago and his friend hack that British soldier to death on the orders of MI5 because they had some leverage over them and they were compelled to do it? Did MI5 set the whole thing up to demonize Muslims and Islam and therefore guarantee more taxpayer’s money to fight “al Qaeda-inspired” terrorism?

Well, I can’t possibly answer these questions but let’s face it, the only way you could deny the possibility is if you trust the integrity of MI5 100 per cent. And do you really think it is wise to trust an organization whose middle name is “subterfuge?”

On the other hand, all Muslims know that there are a minority of extreme radicals in our community who wouldn’t hesitate to murder and maim in the name of Islam. These people have nothing to do with our community, they are criminals and would be criminals in whatever community they belong to. Perhaps Abedolajo was simply one of those people.

But the fact is a large minority of Britons believe that Abedolajo was an MI5 agent and the Woolwich attack was a false flag operation. A cursory look at social media would confirm this. And what does that say about the trust British citizens have in their government and security services?

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