Pakistan Prime Minister blasts India during UN speech

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi of Pakistan has blasted India over the occupation of Kashmir and described how regional foreign interventions have blighted Pakistan...

Afghan Taliban faction pledge their support to Pakistan against any US attacks

A faction from the Afghan Taliban have pledged their support to Pakistan in any US-led plot to attack their neighbour. The declaration was announced by...

Fire at Malaysian Islamic school kills 23 people

A fire at an Islamic school in Malaysia has killed 23 people, mostly children, after they were trapped in a dormitory with metal grilles...

Halima Yacob to become Singapore’s first Muslim president

Halimah Yacob, the former Speaker of Parliament in Singapore, is soon to become the country's first Muslim female president. Yacob, 63, will become president after...

Thousands of Rohingya Muslims arrive in Bangladesh after escaping genocide

On Monday morning, thousands of Rohingya Muslims arrived at a remote Bangladeshi border island after escaping persecution from the Myanmar army and Buddhist militias. It...

Israel refuses to stop selling weapons to Myanmar

Israel has refused to stop selling weapons to the Myanmar government after the United States and the European Union have imposed an arms embargo...

VIDEO: Rohingya Muslims fleeing their village say they have not eaten in four days

Video footage of Rohingya Muslims fleeing a military raid on their village by the Myanmar army explaining that they have not eaten in four...

Rohingya families take refuge on mountain after Myanmar army torched their homes

Video footage of Rohingya Muslims taking refuge on top of a mountain after the Myanmar army torched their homes in the village of Shilkhali.

Bangladesh offers help to Myanmar government to fight “Rohingya insurgents”

The Bangladeshi government has offered its assistance in a proposed joint anti-terrorism operation with Myanmar to counter the "Rohingya insurgency". Bangladesh’s Foreign Ministry issued the...

VIDEO: Hundreds of Rohingya Muslims fleeing brutal military raids by Myanmar army

Video footage showing hundreds of Rohingya Muslims fleeing their villages in the rain from the brutal military raids by the Myanmar army.
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